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Risk Taker, Donuts' Guy, CEO at CityBee and Advocate of Curiosity
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Vilnius, Lithuania
I have once packed my stuff and went to San Francisco to prove to everyone that I am the ultimate marketing expert. Long story short, I delivered my CV to big companies dressed as a donut delivery guy and got noticed by 100 million people. If you are looking for a moral of this story, keep on looking, but if you want to create your own story, don't hesitate to take risks and surprise people around you. There is no time to live a boring life.
Of course, in between the highlights of my life, I put a lot of effort into evolving both as a person and professional. It is a beautiful paradox that to avoid living a boring life, you must be prepared to follow a strict routine and learn the rules of the game.
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50% donated to Lithuanian Children's Cancer Association "Paguoda"
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