Polar Expedition Expert
Welwyn Garden City, UK
After many years of working in the Polar Expedition industry, I have travelled to both Arctic and Antarctic and can answer all of your polar travel related questions!

When to go, how to get there, what the weather will be like, how many pairs of socks to take and can even advise on the best trips to take you there.

I am not affiliated with any company so you'll get unbiased advice. I am also not a travel agent, I can't book your trip for you, but I can answer a lot of very specific questions that your agent may not be able to. Agents are always trying to make a booking, I'm not! I just like talking about the most incredible places on earth and would love to help you make plans for a once in a lifetime adventure.

I'm a fan of photography and have travelled with National Geographic photographers and videographers and can give you a few hints and tips on what gear to take with you to make the most of your trip.

If you're looking for a product or operations expert or you're hoping to start running your own trips to the poles, I also offer consulting services for trips based in the Arctic or Antarctic, with a focus on ship based expeditions. I can also consult on travel product development and let you know where you can maximise revenue and profits to make your business a success.

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Reviews from humans who have met with Lorna
Gabija Grušaitė
over 1 year ago
I feel very inspired after conversation with Lorna to plan my trip to Antarctica! Great experience and lovely person.
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