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Vilniaus g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Currently located in Lithuania 🇱🇹
Passionate about South East Asia : 🇲🇾

I do involved in helping individuals to be better by bringing awareness of their way of living.

I got to help companies to develop their internal organization, produce training programs.

I am passionate in finding patterns when the one is lacking it. Surprisingly I connect unconnected dots, because of my background in private, public, NGO sectors and much more.

I have found my healing energy and can help anyone if the will is there to get closer to better performance.

My interests are human beings, the capacity of their energy and unlimitless of their performance and in organizational growth.

I share this because my versatile sneakiness gone to writing drama play, shadowing MEP, crossing 24 US states by car, living in Asia for almost 2 years, working with world scientist/primatologist dr. Birute Galdikas to name few.
I ‘ve been on Nordic Business Report board, National Outstanding People project and even served as Professional International Volunteer.
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