Founder @ dedi, Co-Founder @ skylab
Tech enthusiast and gamer. BJJ fanatic. Painter and art lover, Enterpreneur. Poker and chess player. Enjoy fishing, hunting and surfing. Into books, science, psichology and philosophy. Raver and supermoto rider. Etc. Etc.

Yeah that's too many things to be extraordinary good at something. It's a curse and a blessing of highly creative people. You don't get to become extraordinary good at one thing, but this is how you connect dots from experiences in various realms and discover smth really amazing. You need this for innovation. And it's hell of a lot of fun. I would live my life twice.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Liudas
Deividas Celencevičius
about 1 year ago
Liudas was very open and trusting about his topic. I was able to understand and follow the story from the early beginning, which is very important for the complex topic we had. Looking forward to his bright future!
Mangirdas Adomaitis
over 1 year ago
Liudas ideas on transforming industries is inspiring. Interesting discussion!
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