Brand story teller & Honey lover
Birštonas, Lithuania
I’m Linn

A professional journalist, who has been running all ups and downs in the media world for the last 20 years. Worked intensively in print-newspapers-magazines-TV-film-advertising-marketing- PR-media business and so on till I burned out. Completely. Twice.

Now I live in the little spa town, with the river behind the window and the ducs coming to my door for them breakfast. I’m glad they unglue me from the desktop otherwise I would become a 100% digital nomad.

Last 3 years I have worked freelance as a digital creator. Web pages, copywriting, graphic design, you name it.

Which is ironic, because I like old fashioned hand written letters with the wax seal much more than whole social media all together:)

Let’s talk life?

I’m available for online meetings only.
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