Linas Vaitonis on PhotographyEcologist / Lecturer / Photographer @linaswashere
Styling is an essential skill in any photographer’s toolkit and I would like to give you a few tips for getting the most out of your surroundings: Keep in simple (from outfits to patterns); Get rid of any logos (unless it’s a shoot for that brand I mean); Develop a concept (the more inspiration and visual resources you can gather, the easier it will be to pinpoint exactly what you want); Communicate clearly (you should have a clear idea of what everyone will wear well before the day of the shoot, although you can always play around on set with new ideas); Mind the details (keep everything clean and simple in the beginning, so you can add accessories and accents as the shoot progresses). Experiment and get creative, but keep your styling subtle and simple so your photos have a long shelf life!

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Paulius Staniūnas on PhotographyBest Nightlife Photographer in Malaysia, Founder of All is Amazing
Never underestimate the power of the diversification of your skills and business. Always try to see beyond your usual skill set, how it can be applied in different situations and can serve clients for the better. I’ll give you an example. My All Is Amazing brand venture. It’s a photography and videography company or as I call it - visual story telling brand. But, among the various types of photography my team and I do, I have diversified our skills to events, weddings and commercial branches. It helps me target specific clients easier, attract photographers with different skillsets and diversify business income sources. Oh yes, here is the photo from the recent H&M campaign for South East Asia, that All Is Amazing team did in Sumba island, Indonesia. Guess under which branch of business this creative assignment goes? ;) #allisamazing

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Linas Vaitonis on PhotographyEcologist / Lecturer / Photographer @linaswashere
Natural light photography is all about using - and, more importantly, controlling - what’s already available to you. A few tips of what to have in mind while taking pictures at home: Prepare and study the space; Play with curtains; Move around; Use a reflector; Shoot manually. Stay safe and don’t get bored while self isolating at home!

Linas VaitonisEcologist / Lecturer / Photographer @linaswashere
Thanks, thanks, thanks! <3
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Linas Vaitonis on PhotographyEcologist / Lecturer / Photographer @linaswashere
The thing I always search for, and the thing I like about nature, is its timelessness. In general, it’ll always be the same. You can look at a photo and not be able to place it in time. You could place it within the age of colour photography, but not really within time. When I shoot indoors, I try to work with the elements, so someone could look at the photographs and guess if they were taken there at this time or that. You can come up with your own conclusion as to where it is, and what was happening.
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