Ecologist / Lecturer / Photographer @linaswashere
Vilnius, Lithuania
My name is Linas Vaitonis and I’ve been working as a photographer / retoucher for more than 5 years. My photos are often featured on social media and I constantly produce (plan, prepare, light, compose, edit) images for catalog, website and media marketing. I have worked with various advertising agencies, with leading designers and labels. I have galleries representing me in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, and sunny Shanghai.

I certainly don’t have the classical art school background because technically I’m an ecologist. Since I’ve got my master’s degree from Vilnius university, I have been working with various environmental projects, nature sciences laboratories and ecology consulting companies. I also worked as an editor for several years right after I finished high school. I started taking pictures just for fun. When I was twenty, I took my mother’s Nikon and started to shoot. I took pictures of literally everything.

Locating what is beautiful is always a challenge but the biggest difficulty I encounter creating my pictures is in making sure that the final images are just like I imagined them in my head. I like to play with unusual locations, trying to tell a story. In my opinion, the overall feel should be like in a movie, where the atmosphere plays an important role in transmitting the message. I'm striving to create a feeling that there is something yet to be revealed to come through in my work.

Check out my portfolio at
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Reviews from humans who have met with Linas
Nerija Skvernelytė
over 1 year ago
Our meet with Linas was a wonderful experience! Really enjoyed our conversation about enriching my photography context with experiences from other spheres of life. Also, I really appreciate tips for improving my photography and observation skills and career advice in general
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