Director & creative
Vilnius, Lithuania
Studies in Baltic Film and Media School anda few years practise of scriptwriting short documentary style/other commercials/short docs in Wide Wings and solo showed me a lot... Of scriptwriting in practise. Find that story!!

Directing does not need to be hard in documentary - rather a connection between your subject and yourself. Sometimes life and people are way more interesting than you could ever scriptwrite!

Give me a marketing problem - and I will give you a creative solution! When you need to generate some mega ideas for your new product or service, throw them problems at me!

Shot after shot after shot... wishing to replay again and again what you've seen. That's the magic we, good editors, can do. (Dancing skills help with rhythm, and trust me - all is rhythm in editing!)
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Reviews from humans who have met with Lina
Dovydas Diržius
over 1 year ago
Very curious and forward-thinking person. Great talk!
Vaida Lekaviciute
over 1 year ago
I met up with Lina to learn how to better navigate the mechanics of a video camera. Along with the aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other technical knowledge, she gave me great advice on practical things to look out for when shooting certain video projects. I had great time learning and meeting you!
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