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Vilnius, Lithuania

I am working in digital marketing area with focus on digital advertising | PPC. Main channels I work with are Google ads, Facebook ads, Microsoft ads and LinkedIn ads.

My experience in HR, leadership and team management added much to understanding of people. I love making impact and helping individuals or companies to reach their potential. This is what I do every day.
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Matas Pajarskasabout 2 months ago
Very positive and helpful conversation!
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Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Working at the startupDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec3 months ago
This is my work table this week. Majority of time I work with digital media and I measure things a lot. I used to hear that all digital efforts, all ads are meaningless if we cannot measure their performance, their return on investment. That's true! 👍 But working at the startup brings much more random tasks on my table. It was measuring the needed size of vans for magnetic stickers this time. What's out of it? Always expect the unexpected (and embrace yourself for it)! 😊
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec3 months ago
How did it happen that reach is so different?! 😳 Two kinda similar posts on LinkedIn. One has better engagement, another better reach. Naturally with bigger engagement reach should also increase. Why it does not happen on LinkedIn?! 🤔 Hint: a link LinkedIn dislikes when your post drives people out of social network so naturally all posts with a link in them have worse organic reach. Always put a link from not in the post text, but in the comment 💡
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec3 months ago
Google health tips according to the local law? Have you cought it before? I did not find respectable information how Google puts first result according to your health related search but it is a local health related website. I was looking for a gastroenterologist and got information from Lithuanian law about staying at home if feeling bad. Even before the first ad! 🤯 It is the second time I managed to spot it. The first one when I googled something from self-help material and got results of Lithuanian anti-suicide website 🤔 Have you had a chance to catch such thing as well?

Vytautas KubiliusCountry Manager @ Google
And if you are interested to dig deeper, check this out:
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Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Working at the startupDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec4 months ago
What is a startup? Sometimes people raise a question why new business is not a startup and what defines a startup. The answer is easy. "Startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. The only essential thing is growth. For a company to grow really big, it must a) make something lots of people want, and b) reach and serve all those people." Paul Graham Read more on

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
Vaidas Urba I want to hear your story as well!
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Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Non-formal educationDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec4 months ago
Facilitation methods and techniques 🙋🏻 I used to volunteer for Erasmus student network and mentor foreign students in Vilnius. That experience brought a lot of great things to me. During that time I started to organize mentors, have bigger meetings and deliver workshops. I wanted to present a technique to plan a meeting/workshop that I still remember. It is called NAOMIE that is why it is so easy to remember it 😅 Whole great explanation of this technique is down below taken from OBESSU Toolbox. My two cents here - imagine if a responsible person would come to any work meeting, brainstorm or planning session prepared like this 😍 would meetings be more or less productive? Great preparation requires time and sometimes people do not understanding value of preparation and importance of planning, so I am still doubting how to use such knowledge in real life (or work) situations ✌️
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