Recruiter / HR expert / sports enthusiast / 3D printing noob
Vilnius, Lithuania
I've been in HR field for 5 years, working in all kinds of companies - international and local, big and small, awesome and not so awesome...

Currently I'm with an amazing international product development company, recruiting product development and anti-fraud teams.

I've done thousands of interviews, consulted managers and employees on various HR, Labour's law and self-development topics.

I've been an athlete for 4 years (rowing), currently just interested in doing all kinds of sports (functional training, running, acro yoga, hatha yoga) and staying healthy.

I've just started - I own a 3D printer and have done a couple of successful prints (I tell you, the feeling of your first successful print is priceless). I have much to learn, but I know where to start when you have an idea what you want, but absolutely no idea how to do it.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Lina
Ricardas Smaizys
8 months ago
Had a great session about human resources with Lina. She shared her practical knowledge, listened carefully, gave tips on my situation. The discussion left me with ideas of what works and what does not.
Eimantas Balčiūnas
almost 2 years ago
Geros izvalgos, aciu :)
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