Inspirational coach, lecturer, facilitator of inner/outer balance workshops
My personal motto "Enjoy what is already here and at the same time want more" has accompanied me throughout all my life and brought me into who I am today, how I live and what I do.
After 20 years of successful leading of large teams in corporate companies and 15 years deepening into the evolution of human consciousness practically and from scientific as well as esoteric point of view, I've set up my own retreat / training center Mylinti erdve / Loving space surrounded by forests near Vilnius, where I'm successfully facilitate inspiring inner/outer balance trainings for people who want to live in a personal freedom while at the same time being motivated to act for their own wealth to make all our planet better place to live.
In addition, I have set up IDEA - Innerdance Europe Association, which trains professional Innerdance facilitators throughout Europe as I'm a pioneer of holistic self-awakening practice of Innerdance in Lithuania.
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10% donated to Sidabrinė Linija
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