Music producer, Love taking pictures
Vilnius, Lithuania
Highly Sedated music producer and electronic music guru.

I’ve been creating music for more than 15 years professionally.

My strong part is arranging songs. I can take your song that you created, take it as it is and then create something new, lift it to a higher level. Fresh and commercial to move your career or name forward.
Working with me is beneficial because I am a professional. I'm able to make your sounds and you ideas shine.
While studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in London and working with many international projects I got a upstanding foundation. I had many mentors who showed me a lot. Now that I'm teaching, I am continuously learning new ways to communicate and create efficient workflows to get large projects done easier. This will save you time and money while still getting professional results on a professional mature level. Work with me once and I promise you'll be enthusiastic about it.
I'd love to hear about your project or any musical ideas.
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45 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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Studio visit
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