Googler, helped to make +$100M via marketing, spoke at 1000ppl events
Vilnius, Lithuania
If you invest 67 seconds of your time you will hear a story that will surprise you and probably will end up with a coffee meet-up :)

Being 19 following sense of adventure I left full-time university to start Social Businesses in Kenya and Bangladesh building legion of IT freelancers. Together with Danish and German partners have managed $1M and went to Al-Qaeida territory in Somalia with 2 AK47 armed Bodyguards to see if we can build an IT school in a desert. Ultimately we failed but went on to join Google even without finishing the university at 22. While in Google have worked with 50+ start-ups and helped to bring over 100M in USD to Baltic companies. Here on HumansApp to meet ambitious students, exciting startups and people to chat with hoping that my experience and pinch of craziness will be of value for the conversation :)

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Reviews from humans who have met with Leonardas
Algimantas Časas
over 1 year ago
Was very interesting to receive great insight in to our ads performance and how should we move on to next level getting us scaled, looking forward to test everything that was mentioned in conversation! 👍
Erikas Mališauskas
over 1 year ago
Per 45min su Leonardu gavau itin daug insightful informacijos, naudingų patarimų ir padrąsinimų :) Taipogi, rekomendavo literatūros tolimesniam gilinimuisi.
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