Philosophical counceling, experience integration assistance
Vilnius, Lithuania
After 13 years of careers in the field of integrated communications, at the age of 35, I encountered a breaking point, that changed my view towards many things. From then I see external world as a reflection of the inner world.
Therefore, the latest 6 years I explore various sources of wisdom and try different practices myself. After acquiring coaching certificate, I resigned from my plans to study psychotherapy and work with deep psychological issues, and decided to dedicate myself to philosophical counceling (that allows offering more balanced approach to specific situations, that require change of mindset). At the same time, I provide assistance in selecting the most optimal growth methods and integrating acquired knowledge and experiences. I share my first-time impressions and insights
My professional interests include philosophy, metaphysics, spiritual traditions, psychophysiology, neuroendocrinology, cognitive sciences. My personal challenge is to create a copyright method for self-sufficient growth.
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