Dancing Teacher & Talent Manager
Vilnius, Lithuania
My career path started as a business consultant at one of the big four companies (as much corporate-competative-nerd as you can get, haha). Spend few years there, and now, after 4 years I’m on the other side of the road - full time freelancer, close to artistic world: teaching swing dance in evenings, managing professional dancer during the daytime. How did that happen?!!! I like saying that reaching goals should’t be necessarily very hard (no sacrifice feeling needs to be involved) or very easy (could be easy, and we should be happy when the luck is on our side, but it’s not a must or a good sign that “this is it”). Noticed - in order to FEEL value in what I do, I look for WORTH IT, something I can’t stop being curious about! Sometimes it might be easy to get it, I just need to notice, be ready, go and take it, and sometimes it takes a lot of work, but if it’s “worth it” then I have energy to deal with anything - find the balance, tools, resources, solutions and eventually be happy with no matter what circumstances comes along. In my work, in my personal life - always looking for “worth it”.
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