Influencer Marketing Expert
Vilnius, Lithuania
After graduating from international business and marketing, I chose to link it to a sphere which I felt was at the intersection of things which I truly enjoyed - influencer marketing. After joining fomo agency at its startup phase, I begun creating the most trusted and effective influencer marketing community in Lithuania. From advertising local brands only, fomo-signed influencers started working with multi national brands and developed their authenticity, audience reach and powerful tone of voice which helped them to succeed in the digital advertising field. Most importantly, the Clients of fomo became interested in working with lithuanian influencers namely due to their developed qualities, and soon realised the financial and brand-awareness growth they are experiencing by working with them. That was and still is my main goal.
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Influencer marketing over coffee
Reviews from humans who have met with Kristina
Alisa Bulybenko
over 2 years ago
Susitikimas su Kristina buvo superinis! Ji ne tik puiki profesionalė, bet ir labai šiltas žmogus. Kristina puikiai išmano influencer marketing ir atsakė į visus mano turėtus klausimus, dalijosi savo patirtimi ir patarimais. Labai rekomenduoju!
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