Kotryna Kurt on All About LinkedInPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing3 months ago
🎯 REMEMBER - LinkedIn Matched Audiences When you advertise on LinkedIn, you can take advantage of a function in the Campaign Manager called Matched Audiences. 🔹You can upload a list of Companies/ Contacts 🔹Then LinkedIn generates a list of people by trying to match them to your list of companies or contacts. It can take up to 24 hours for your list to process. 🔹Next up, you can set up a campaign and target the wanted list. This function is really great for those who have already identified their target audience and have the names of potential leads. Have you tried using this function?

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Kotryna Kurt on All About LinkedInPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing4 months ago
Are you wondering where to start when it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn profile? Then this is an article for you! Take a look at my 5 top tips on how you can strengthen your profile and get some traction. Link: https://blog-aryze-io.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/blog.aryze.io/kotryna-kurts-top-5-tips-to-improve-your-linkedin-profile-in-one-hour/?amp #LinkedInTips #LinkedIn
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec4 months ago
LinkedIn ads. Should I give it a try? 🤔 I used to launch LinkedIn ads quite a lot, but working in-house (or in a client side as people from the agencies used to say) gave me a new perspective. I started from new page again. So what should you know about LinkedIn ads before testing them out? 🔸LinkedIn is a great platform to reach professionals. You can target them by their company size, company industry, job title, job experience, education, etc. 🔸However, such specific targeting comes with a price. Usually CPC is much higher that on the other platforms. This is why budget on LinkedIn is important to keep. Experts advise to have a certain budget for testing the platform (200-300€) and then after measuring results, you can decide to stay there or to move. 🔸LinkedIn ads are NOT that localised. If your content, website, visual are not from the official LinkedIn languages, it will be banned. LinkedIn ads hackers say you can try to reupload it for manual review and get it approved after many times but imho it is a grey area. Consider this before launching ads. In my experience, this point gets people disappointed. What have I learned when I have launched LinkedIn ads recently? Not all markets are ready for LinkedIn advertising. Once in Lithuania, it was easy-breezy. It got a real struggle in Estonia. Leads did not understand that they left their contact details. I got some interesting requests from marketers in Estonia as well. They've never seen LinkedIn ads in action before so asked me how to launch them🤯 What was obvious for me as a marketer, brought me back to a starting point again.
What are the fundamental approaches for building consumer networks from the ground-up? I listen a few times to an interview with Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. He spoke about many things, but one thing stroke me as an inspiration. I have decided to write down my thoughts so I could re-read them at any time later. Raid spoke about a framework he used to operate the early stage of a social network such as LinkedIn. It is something I was looking for some time. He says that not only VCs should have an investment thesis, but social entrepreneurs as well. So, what is this thesis? 1. A clearly articulated set of believes about the way the world is becoming. 2. Where would the role of your product or service role in that world be? How and why the world will benefit from your product or service? 3. What are you going successfully to do to enable that role? It helps to decide whether to accelerate the growth, step back, do a micro/macro pivot, and make other decisions on the next bets of the company. At Qoorio, we already operate on "the next bet" principle, however, not in that sophisticated way, as he suggests. The elements of this thesis may sound very abstract. And they should be, as the thesis itself is a set of answers to those questions put into a coherent story. For LinkedIn, that was the following on high-level: 1. Every professional should have a public identity. 2. That would make the world much better for everyone. For individuals, because they would be able to find better jobs. For companies, because they will have to become better employers, have more compelling missions, would be able to attract better talent. And for industries, because different companies will compete for talent. 3. LinkedIn had to get people to start establishing profiles and, most important, invent the way so that people would invite other people – the viral mechanism. And this viral mechanism is THE MOST important element of the business. Such an investment thesis is the starting point of the company. Based on that, the company implements the product or service, the viral mechanism (which allows people to invite other people), and onboards the first users. After that, it is usual that things don't work as expected. Based on all learnings, you tweak the thesis, replace false beliefs with what you have learned about the reality, and come up with an updated thesis. Once you have an updated thesis, you tweak the product, viral mechanism, and onboard more new users again. Then repeat the cycle again and again. Each iteration is an iteration of learning. The faster you iterate and learn, the better chances of success you have. That's why Raid argues that being able to learn fast is the key quality of the team of such environments of building social networks. Thank you, Reid Hoffman, very insightful! An open question to readers: what would motivate you to invite other people to Qoorio, and how Qoorio has to change so you will do that? Listen to the full interview here: https://greatness.floodgate.com/episodes/reid-hoffman-the-network-philosopher-king

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