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I can help you develop your personal brand on LinkedIn, help you to become a thought leader in your area or attract new opportunities, clients.

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I can tell you more about advertising on LinkedIn and how it all works. What are the best types of ads and what type of content works the best.

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How to be more productive within Marketing and what are the best marketing automation tools? Answers to these and other questions can easily be answers at a meeting with me! ☺️
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Curious about something?
If you want to learn more about something Kotryna might know, don't hesitate, just ask them to share an insight.
Kotryna Kurt on ThoughtsPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
It has been a long time since I felt so uncomfortable. This summer I decided to learn wakeboarding. I have tried it before, but this summer I decided to become better at it! I forgot how uncomfortable and stressful it can be to learn something you are bad at. I realized that I still struggle with my perfectionism, as I wanted to swim well right away. I mean, who would like to hit their face (multiple times) into the water in front of a big crowd? But then I realized: - Only in challenging situations we are growing. - Practice and more practice will help. - It is alright to look silly and no one really cares. - We shouldn't strive for perfectionism. We should aim for PROGRESS. Even though I still feel nervous and a bit anxious before going into the water, I also feel motivated to grow and become better. This can apply to any situation. At the end of the day, internal motivation and excitement should fuel us, not perfectionism.

Kotryna KurtPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
I think the best place to start training is called WakeSpot, close to Vilnius. 😌🙏 Also, feel free to join me in the trainings! The staff is super helpful and professional.
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Kotryna Kurt on All About LinkedInPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
🎯 REMEMBER - LinkedIn Matched Audiences When you advertise on LinkedIn, you can take advantage of a function in the Campaign Manager called Matched Audiences. 🔹You can upload a list of Companies/ Contacts 🔹Then LinkedIn generates a list of people by trying to match them to your list of companies or contacts. It can take up to 24 hours for your list to process. 🔹Next up, you can set up a campaign and target the wanted list. This function is really great for those who have already identified their target audience and have the names of potential leads. Have you tried using this function?
Kotryna Kurt on Sales and Social SellingPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
If I would be a small/ midsize company or a startup and would want to spend some time and money on LinkedIn, this would be what I would do: 1. Optimize Sales people profiles 2. Optimize Company page profile 3. Create 4 content pieces per month on the company page 4. Activate sales people - employee branding 5. Connect with 5 relevant peole per day with a personal message 6. Engage with potential client content 20 min per day 7. Create at least 4 personal posts per month 🎯 The overall goal for doing these things would be to increase your brand awareness and gain new clients. Some companies use some of these steps, some use all. One thing for sure, this might require more effort in the beginning but within time this is a less costly strategy. Are you paying attention to some of these points? What is your experience with social selling on LinkedIn?

Kotryna KurtPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
Justas, I think I was thinking about it from a different perspective. Now that you put it like that, I agree. I was more thinking about the overall accumulated activities. 😌🙌
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Kotryna Kurt on Digital MarketingPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
🎯 Often people ask what kind of tools we are using when we work with our clients, so here a few worth mentioning: SHIELD INTELLIGENCE - tool our clients use to check their analytics, track their performance and improvements. It is a great tool for any individual or a team who wants to manage their LinkedIn performance. Whatagraph - a tool we use for reporting. Hands down the best and the most user-friendly tool which can help you to generate Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads many more other reports. Trello - we use it for managing our client projects and staying up to date with our priorities. Canva - we are using it to adjust some of our client content and create new pieces of content in the most simple and easy way. - social selling automation tool - I have not used it too much, but as from what I have seen so far, I would recommend it. Buffer - a tool we once in awhile use for client post scheduling. There are some small things which we think could work better in regards to posting, but it does the job! 🤔What are your favorite tools you work with daily? Share them in the comments!

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Gmail, Hangouts & Vieta
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Kotryna Kurt on Book Quotes / InspirationPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
Our own path, whatever we aspire to, will in some ways be defined by the amount of nonsense we are willing to deal with. - Ryan Holiday
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