PM at Relive, dog lover, explorer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I was born in a far-located town in Siberia (Russia), soon after university moved to Koenigsberg and now living the expat live in Amsterdam. One of those lucky people who love their job, living and breathing with creative process of solving new challenges.

I have a sweet fluffy buddy Rex, he’s an 11 years old surprisingly active mixed breed dog that I brought home from a shelter long while ago. He happened to be unsocialised but I’m doing my best to make the most for him to feel the full life.

I grew up surrounded by nature and am very attached to it, using every opportunity to get in the wild. My best recharging weekend is to rent a cabin and spend the time reading books and enjoying the fresh forest air.

I actually read a lot, especially non-fiction books, feel free to ask me if you want to know what are the most interesting new books coming out on cognitive psychology, technology and neuroscience.
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