Fighting climate change by helping others find value of solving problems
Vilnius, Lithuania

Small improvements drives me to better life. I believe that the same way could be dublicated for others. I would be pleased to help other to find improvements driving positive change in their life.

I have participated and enabled succesfully finish:
10 Breeam certified buildings
100 Certifed energy efficient buildings
1 Lithuanias first A++ building
1 Baltic states first Breeam certified industrial building
1 Lithuania first Breeam certified (as-built stage) office building
2 Certified passive houses
500+ energy efficient building designs adjusted and supervised
180 tons/annualy of CO2 saving due to improved designs and recomended measures
2 Missions as International Expert on energy efficiency to build the capacity of energy agencies
One of creators of national certification scheme for building sustainability (LPTVS)

Achievements in personal life:
*Happily maried
*Completed and defended PhD thesis
*20+ peer revieved scientific publications
*Completed Half marathon
*Achieved 2kyu grade in Kyokushin karate
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Karolis Januševičius on How to improve your problem solving skillsFighting climate change by helping others find value of solving problemsSome time ago
How to become better at solving problems? There are a lot of barriers that limit our ability to solve issues effectively. Knowing them enables us to act and overcome those bariers! Few examples of typical bariers: 1. Spending a lot of effort and time on small problems 2. Spending time on issues that are not a priority or do not lead us to achieve goals 3. Choosing the first solution that comes to mind without exploring other alternatives 4. Picking solutions that will create risks and more problems 5. Do not learn from previous mistakes 6. Trying to solve every problem that comes into your way. Do you face those or other problems? Share your experience!

Karolis Januševičius on How to reduce personal impact on climate change?Fighting climate change by helping others find value of solving problemsSome time ago
What would you say should be the first steps for someone who wants to live in more sustainable way?
Asked by Laura Cibulskyte
1. Know the influencing factors and quantify the impacts of them. The carbon footprint calculators may help to improve understanding. The pain points must be priority when looking where to start acting 2. Identify the options how to get better at specific influence areas. You may research existing practices, ask for advice, look for alternatives. Think thru how it is difficult for you to apply those actions. 3. Select option and experiment with implementation of improvements. Start from activities that needs low effort. Aim for step by step habit and behavior building that are enjoing for you.

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