Excel / Google Sheets / Business Intelligence Expert
Klaipėda, Lithuania

- 12 years of experience developing excel applications for businesses
- Connect Excel to database and use it only as user interface (GUI) - pull and write data anywhere you want (locally, on premise server, cloud)
- Connect Excel to your e-mail account and send push-mails from within your Excel app
- Make it user friendly by implementing a global navigation (just like a web app!)

- Pretty much everything you can do with Excel you can do with Google Sheets as well, PLUS it’s in cloud!
- Automating processes with macros in Google Sheets
- Enable multi-user ability by using Google Sheets

- Jedox is an EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) or BI (Business Intelligence) software that allows you to create high-end EPM apps for your organization
- 8 years of experience working with Jedox
- Created over 15 business applications with Jedox
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