Reviews from humans who have met with Karolis Antanas Stankevičius
Matas Pajarskas
about 1 year ago
It was awesome experience for a short talk! Receive a good advice not only about business strategy for digital marketing but for management as well! ;)
Albert Ginevič
over 1 year ago
Great advice on facebook and google ads 👍
Silvestras Stonkus
over 1 year ago
Great talk and helpful insights to establish effective marketing strategy. Cheers!
Povilas Godliauskas
over 1 year ago
We had one coaching session with Karolis. Despite the fact that it was his first exposure to coaching, I appreciate that he was open-minded and trusted the process. I am happy that Karolis left the session with greater awareness and concrete ideas to move closer to his vision.
Danas Razbadauskas
over 1 year ago
More than you can expect! Facebook and google guru!
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