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Co-Founder @ Vila Komoda
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Palanga, Lithuania
Upon acquiring a bachelor's degree in Fashion Journalism at University for the Creative Arts, I've stayed on in London and crafted my career around the world of creativity: whether it was a social media, PR or a conference & events producer role - I was all in on it! After spending 6 years in London loving it to bits, warts and all, I've came back to Lithuania, in order to realize my biggest creative project up to this day, otherwise known as Vila Komoda. The establishment of it has impelled me to learn quite a few business-related skills as well adapt my current ones to their best use. In the process of doing so, I've realized what immsense magical qualities is a single building capable of.
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40% donated to SOS gyvūnai, VšĮ
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Ask me anything over coffee
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30 min

Let's take a stroll in Vila Komoda's garden
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