Co-Founder at WoodWe, Business Developer, Entrepreneur
Vilnius, Lithuania
I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating a socially responsible business that generates value to the world. As a high-achiever, I gave my dream a shot and co-founded WoodWe, a company that produces creative accessories from nature for Apple devices.
The world is constantly changing, so it is crucial to change along with it. That same logic applies to the business world, so as a business developer and co-founder of a company, I never stop dreaming big and adapting to the situation.
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10% donated to SOS gyvūnai, VšĮ
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Shiba Inu (black) walk
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Reviews from humans who have met with Karol
Ronaldas Buožis
almost 2 years ago
Labai malonus pokalbis/pasivaikščiojimas pasirinkta tema. Karol išsamūs pasakojimai atsakė į daug mano klausimų. Labai smagu buvo susipažinti ir su Hiro! 🐶
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