Google ads agency CEO, ex-Google, wannabe triathlete, Spanish learner
Tallinn, Estonia

Google ads and Analytics
5 years at Google and 6+ years running my own agency. Mostly working with large exporting clients. Currently focused on app marketing.

Learning Spanish with Linguist for 1.5 years, seen pretty much all main Netflix shows in Spanish. If what they show in South American TV shows corresponds to real life then I know all about drug trafficking in South America:) Need to practice my Spanish still.
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Karl Pae on Paid App MarketingGoogle ads agency CEO, ex-Google, wannabe triathlete, Spanish learner4 months ago
60% of Android apps are uninstalled withing 30 days and half of these are uninstalled during the first 24h. Its slightly better for ios but you still need to make sure you are tracking and optimizing beyond installs to get quality users for your app.
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