Entrepreneur, Innovator, Philanthropist
Vilnius, Lithuania
Entrepreneurship has been in my blood ever since I was a little boy. A good illustration of this would be my first ever commercial enterprise, which I've started at a young age of 7. It consisted of me trading lobsters and crabs, which I've caught together with my grandfather, to the neighboring boats. What started as a humble venture, has amplified and grown into a 30 year of business expertise, 8 successful companies, a creation of thousands of jobs and dozens of millionaires, among which reside numerous bright fellow entrepreneurs, that I've had the pleasure to guide down the path of progress. The most defining thing about me is the fact, that I tend to spot clear solutions where many merely notice problems. Also, there's very little that gets me more excited than hearing someone say "impossible" (after all, the word itself claims - "I'm possible"!).
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