Legal tech enthusiast
Vilnius, Lithuania

4+ years experience working as an in-house lawyer.

I am an active WomenGoTech alumni and [email protected] executive committee member. Organising the community meetups and discussions on hot topics.

My passion for sports: swim + volleyball.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Kamile
Zaur Mustafayev4 months ago
I really enjoyed the conversation with you. Thanks again for accepting my invitation. Hopefully meet you in person one day!
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Social distancinig according to your profession may vary. Interesting fact that lawyers are on the safe side.
Under 25 and Working? Social Distancing Might Not Be Possible
When you follow your curiosities, you will bring passion to your new careers, which will leave you more fulfilled. And by doing more than one job, you may end up doing all of them better.
Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
Oo, love this!
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Last weekend the trendy email has been released. With great new features and most importantly the protection of personal data. Our data becomes as an asset to pay for “the free of charge apps”. However, not with hey. I’m really tempted to pay 99$/year for this new email. What would you do?

Kamile ValatkaiteLegal tech enthusiast
Povilas, thank you for recommendation! The additional features that I like with hey: - First contact check if you wish to keep receiving emails; - Structre and emails allocation according to the content; - Emails labeling; - You can extract all emails from one particular person; - Function leaving an email to answer later and it will send you a remainder.
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What is your approach for the upcoming year? Keep saving or start investing. My favorite LegalTech tool LawGeex – contract automation tool backed by AI this month has raised 20 Million USD round of financing. Even if the worst days don’t brake the investment deal, it makes me to believe that the future must be in #legaltech. I will keep investing my time on the subject. Continue reading:
Three Legaltech Companies, All in Contracts, Have Financing Rounds, for Total of $26M | LawSites

Fatima KhechaiMindset coach & Branding consultant
I am for online commerce Justas Janauskas but I still like going in stores and "touching" products.. I agree with the change, we see it, our role is to ease others to make it as less painful as possible.
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