Head of Legal & Finance at Qoorio
Vilnius, Lithuania
Once upon a time there lived John, Tong, Kong & Wong. The four were best friends and spent all their time together. John was super serious, he wanted to become the best lawyer in town, spent countless hours studying and working at top tier consulting firms. Tong was a family person. He wanted to spend time with his family, friends, pets and associates. Kong was a party animal. He usually came into a party first and left the last. He loved to go with the flow and enjoy the vibe. And Wong was an adventurous person. He had big ambitions and wanted to do interesting stuff. The four not always got along. When they attended a party, John wanted to leave early so he could work and climb up the corporate ladder faster. When they walked Tong’s dog or went to a “semi romantic” movie of Tong’s fiancé choice, Kong was complaining that they could do so much more fun or at least have picked a more thrilling film. When Wong got passionate about an idea or shared quotes from an article or a book that he read, all of them insisted to get serious and forget about it. Unusual things are for someone else, just not for Wong. Despite the differences they had, the pack valued their friendship and were happy in their own unique way. With time, they even learned to come to a consensus on what is important and what to do next. If you want to know how they did it, just let me know - I am John, Tong, Kong & Wong.
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