SEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group
Vilnius, Lithuania

I help humans to grow their businesses online since 2010 by optimizing their webs and apps for efficient organic visibility in Google and marketplaces.
Need to setup basic or advanced tracking? Or maybe you are planning to migrate to new design, version, CMS or domain? I can help to avoid loses in rankings, conversions and revenue.
My experience covers working on all three sides - as freelancer, on client and agency sides. I’ve worked and still working with some very well known companies in Baltics. Currently full time SEO Manager @ Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG).
Happy to share my 10+ years know-how with every Human. Let's take coffee and discuss your goals, markets and KPIs.
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Justinas Kundrotas on SEO/ASO know-howSEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group
Edited 11 days ago
Twiddlers are used to manually re-rank any Google Search results of any search query for whatever reasons. This is internal guide for Google Search engineers showing how to use them in practice. “We do not use human curation to collect or arrange the results on a page” Google constantly states. But many studies showed the exact opposite, and these twiddlers are a powerful tool to manipulate search results for political or whatever reasons. Elaboration stops here, you probably have already got the point. View Google SuperRoot Twiddler Quick Start Guide at The document was leaked by one of the long-term Google employees. Please let me know if I'm wrong, but I recall it's the same guy who leaked the full and confidential version of Search Quality Rater Guidelines, and so Google "had to decide" to build and release public (censored) version of it later, now available at
Justinas Kundrotas on SEO/ASO know-howSEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group
Edited 11 days ago
Enjoying this Krisztian Balog's book on Entity-Oriented Search from the Information Retrieval Series (2018). If you'd like to learn how modern search works, this book is just the perfect starting point. It will introduce you to concepts, technologies and computer science fields vital for modern Web search (incl. Google), these include NLP (Natural Language Processing), Information Retrieval, Semantic Web ... and most importantly - entities. And it is free. Get your copy at
Justinas Kundrotas on Track, analyse, and report efficientlySEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group14 days ago
Google Tag Manager makes lives of your developers and marketers much easier. Devs are set free of simple and boring requests from marketers part, and marketers do not have to wait long lines for their simple yet very important dev tasks to be completed. It's a win-win!
Justinas Kundrotas on SEO/ASO process for your business and teamsSEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group
Edited 9 days ago
SEO is not a one-time service, it's an everlasting process every single brand should understand, execute and constantly improve. © Image borrowed from Blast Analytics & Marketing.
Justinas Kundrotas on Let's make your app visible (ASO)SEO, ASO & Analytics Human @ Olympic Entertainment Group14 days ago
Involving ASO specialist right from the very beginning of your app development is probably most important thing you can do.
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