E-commerce Agency owner, Growing stores to 7 & 8 figure brands worldwide 🚀
Vilnius, Lithuania
For 7 years I have been into sports, for 5 years I've been into NGOs, and for the last 4 years I've been into digital marketing & Ecommerce.

I have visited around 30 countries up until 2020. I am fanatic of personal growth, optimization and efficiency.

Today my biggest focus is on building 7 & 8 figure Ecommerce brands worldwide. We are spending around $15M on ads per year.

I run an eCommerce Growth Agency that combines Facebook Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization, Funnels Building, and Customer Lifetime Maximization into a clear step-by-step system to build your empire.

We scaled dozen 6 & 7-figure eCommerce stores into big brands, and I bet IF you have a successful store/product, we can help 10x it’s growth too.

When you get help from talent who’ve done it before, you gain some of the breathing room you need to finally start working “on your business” vs working “in your business” all the time.

If you expect your eCOM store to go from 7-figures to a 8-figure brand you need to hire the right team. Building a BIG business is a team sport.

Let us help you transform yourself from a Small Shopify Store Owner into a CEO of an 8-FigureseCommerce brand.

➡ Want to learn more about us? Visit www.AdKings.Agency

📬 Would you be interested in having a chat? Message me on Linkedin or email at [email protected]
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