Creator. Producer. Videomaker. Traveller. Shooter.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Film & television industry in Lithuania (10 years of experience). Any video content producing & production managing. Journalism and writing. Photography. Commercial and background music sync licensing, playlisting (associate partner at Skakespearemusic.com). Traveling experiences. Startups. Ideas. Some trades. (Gun)shooting & Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union. Documentary. Mountains, aviation, swimming & a bit of yoga. Classical & Latin dances.
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5% donated to Penkta koja, VšĮ
CupCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Easy chat and ideas sharing over a cup of coffee
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1 h

Consulting on film and other video making
HumanCreated with Sketch.
1 h

Shoot with me at the shooting-range
PictureCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Ask for a photo in my studio
EnvelopeCreated with Sketch.
1 h

Ask me to (copy)write smth what I’m capable of
GlobeCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Recommendations on destinations, tour planning
Music noteCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Ask me about music (background&sync) licensing
SpeakerCreated with Sketch.
1 h

Go with me to the (Latin/classical) dance class.

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