Montessori educator, daycare owner and happy mother
I was supposed to be a lawyer but thanks to my children I became a Montessori educator. Montessori's view of life opened my eyes and my heart. Starting with lots of literature about Montessori education system and psychology of the child, I then started Montessori training in Oslo and opened my small kindergarten in Kaunas. I’m still learning every day as Montessori inspires learning through your whole life. We try to inspire our children to do the same.

I work with children from 0 up to 6 years. Parents who come to my kindergarten often say they would have started earlier to bring up children in a Montessori way if they only knew how. So my passion is to give consultations for the parents with very small children or even those who are expecting a baby soon and want to know how to bring up their miracle with respect and open the opportunities which every day is opening for them.
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