Justina Grušaitė on CookingFood & wilderness enthusiast3 months ago
Wild gourmet dinner experience While most of us love relaxing walks in the woods, still many don’t know what are the surrounding plants or other greens.. While on the contrary, Lithuanians are famous for bringing mushroom picking next level, but did you know that now is a prime time to gather all those fresh spring goods? It may seem that foraging is a risky thing if you aren't educated in which plants are edible and which are poisonous, so here’s a link to start with everything about now in season spruce tips and recipes to try https://foragerchef.com/spruce-tips/
Spruce Tips

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6 things I did regularly during the MCO and CMCO period to stay sane. a) Learned how to cook. Can't believe it took a forced measure to stay at home to actually learn how to make my mum's cooking. Excellent mother-daughter bonding time and they get a helping hand too which reduces their stress of cooking everyday. b) Binge watch stand up comedy and rom com movies and series on Netflix. I was very much intrigued and impressed by spanish based shows as they had a strong independent and women empowerment based storylines which was refreshing. No topic was a taboo for them be it same sex relationships, sex before marriage, never feeling the pressure of being married as a woman which I think a lot women today need as inspiration to focus solely on themselves. c) Went on long drives in my car. We are not chickens meant to stay cooped up at home. Just get in your car and go for a long drive with your fav music on. You will feel 100% again :) d) Regularly scheduled zoom night hang outs with colleagues and friends. This gives you something to look forward to on a weekly basis while checking in on each other and keeping each other sane. e) This one is my favourite. Use the time at home to mask and love your skin. Put on a face mask while you're working. Your skin will love you and your mood will be lifted with the results. f) Gardening and plant shopping. I know almost everyone on my social feed has taken this up as a hobby but the reason is very clear. Plants are pretty, provide oxygen and they are highly therapeutic :)

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Looking forward to hear more rambles from you:)
Quite possibly - my favourite cookbook so far! If you want to start eating a more plant based diet, there is no need to think of haute cuisine or limit yourself to salad! Plenty of gorgeous ideas here and it ticks all my favourite boxes: 💃🏻 products are easy to find in local supermarkets 💃🏻 cooking is easy and quick, no super skills required 💃🏻 most importantly - DELICIOUS meals! Forget trying to eat more plant based foods - think EATING MORE DELICIOUS FOODS ;-) The author also keeps a cool blog if you care to try before you buy: www.cookieandkate.com

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Any favorite veggie meal of yours?
my Qoorio success story: group experience While Qoorio is currently associated for knowledge sharing between two people, I found a case where I wanted to hack the system a bit and experiment how would knowledge sharing work with multiple people. You see, while building our product once in a while we like to get out of our own juices and invite complete stranger to get some answers about user journey of buying new home. In this case the stranger was Danielius, charming and detail oriented Qoorio engineer. I just had to meet him because we share the same surname, we both code and wear glassses, and we have 100 Facebook friends in common, so I thought that we must be cousins or smth. I also figured - he could also spice it up (no pun intented) our meeting by showing how to cook best burgers at home. So I reached out and asked if he could come over. He agreed and I went some grocery shopping to beef it up. The results? First, the value of sharing knowledge was much higher, because he shared his authentic thoughts about questions we cared, and we could ALL interact and ask questions. That may also a be a problem - getting in front of group strangers might be humiliating, especially if you intravert. But I think Danielius held it well, right? :) What went well? I think it was good decision to set up event in home environment, rather than in office, because it was more informal and allowed us more ways to engage and interact - in our case cook. Meeting new perspectives, learning new sills is something fun in general, and I believe the entire group enjoyed the experience and got inspired - wether its about burgers, or about real estate. What I would do differently next time? First, I would add more structure. The more people, the more buzz and chaos, which you need to account for and add extra time. Second, I would also set up more context what is expected from us a group, and our guest upfront to reduce potential stress. We also had this fuzzy moment where it was not clear whether our official time was over or we should just continue hanging out. And that was my group experience at Qoorio. What was your corkiest and the mos unique experience from Qoorio meetings?

Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
Group experience sounds interesting. My funny one was when we both mixed up timezones. Meet was still success - just 2h earlier.
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Kotryna Kurt on Book Quotes / InspirationPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing3 months ago
Our own path, whatever we aspire to, will in some ways be defined by the amount of nonsense we are willing to deal with. - Ryan Holiday
Kotryna Kurt on Book Quotes / InspirationPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing3 months ago
"How can someone be busy and not accomplish anything? Well, that's the passion paradox. Leave passion for the amateurs. Make it about what you feel you must do and say, not what you care about and wish to be." - Ryan Holiday
Recommended Business Youtube Channels that I watch regularly: Top in the list is VALUETAINMENT by Patrick Bet David. A great diversified content on capitalism. Love it. 2. Kevin O leary - The Mr Wonderful ofcourse 😅 A Nasty Shark from the Shark Tank USA BUT very insightful Business knowledge. 3. Graham Stephan - A Young Millionaire who talks about real estate & other investments in general. He shares some serious experiences of his investments and returns. Crazy Thumbnails 😂 4. Brian Tracy - What a great sales & marketing teacher. A complete business course package absolutely Free on Youtube. You get some real good tips on sales & marketing. 5. The Rich Dad Channel by Robert Kiyosaki - All about making money. Real Estate Investment and tips on asset protection and legit tax saving. Great insights for Millenials. He is going hard on sharing financial education which our standard education system doesn't provide. Here you go, those were some of my recommendations. Who do YOU listen to? Share with me 😁 I dont read books, I watch!
Esther Chook on Create your own destiny blueprintPharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & Health3 months ago
Are you making progress towards rhe goala that you want to achive? Or are you constantly caught up on a treadmill of history? Maybe many times you know that something is not right, but youre just not sure. How many times , and effort that you have wated on repeating the same old mistakes. And what is the right step that you could have taken to achieve your goals? What if I tell you, that we have a tool that you can tap on to help you to empower yourself to make better decision in life? Keen? You can claim them for free now. Its personalize :) calendy.com/estherchook/express15minbazireading
Esther Chook on How to identify what you’re good atPharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & Health3 months ago
What shapes your character? What shapes your mindset? Growing up we are surrounded by many expectations and conditioned in a way that tells us what is good and bad. However, have you ever , like ever felt like it’s never enough? As though you have a super saiyan power that has yet to be revealed? Or maybe you feel like you’re just too good in everything but at the same time you’re good with nothing at ALL? Well the truth is- we all have our own inner strength and power to control whatever we want. In the metaphysical science study, we are all the same and unique. Who we are, what we are good at are given. How we ought to use it or even realise its there in the first place is the matter of awareness. Metaphysical science application in the modern era is no longer a FORECAST or PREDICTION. Because we have to own out own life and be responsible in our own journey and destination. Its more of self understanding, and knowing how to use your weakness as part of your strength Want to know more? Talk to me about it 💓
Why do you even wake up @5AM? Early mornings for me used to be : A. Stressful trips to the airports, while haven’t got enough sleep. B. Going fishing with my dad (these were awesome but still I would wake up all triggered and exhausted.) C. Trips to the hospital. So far you should have already got the point that early mornings for me = no fun. What my early mornings are now? I take my time slowly, because everybody else is still sleeping. I make myself a cup of coffee, cook some light breakfast and listen to some audiobooks or podcasts, depending on the situation. Before I got my knee injured, I also used to jog in the morning.(The views would be even better than in the photo, trust me;)) But why?! As simple as it gets. I hate to rush somewhere, for example: school, work, whatever the case might be. I choose to enjoy my time, because good morning sets a tone for the day. Main pros: A. You feel motivated. It’s an awesome feeling to have already done much more than your friends or other companies. B. You learn much more about discipline. Discipline might be a huge factor in your success. F.e: you won’t be amused by that sweet donut at the coffee shop, might save some extra $ or kilos;) There is a quote by Jocko Willink(ex navy seal) - “ Discipline equals freedom.” C. Productivity level. For some, it might be a huge game changer. Personaly, when I started rising early, it became much easier to finish the tasks in shorter amount of time. However, you should test it and then make conclusions. I just love the idea of testing and learning. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice one week;) When not to get up early? PRIORITISE SLEEP HOURS. Some people need 6 hours, others can’t live without 8. Basicaly, don’t sacrifice your sleep hours, so you can rise early. Hell no. That’s the only situation that I don’t find benefits of waking up early. As the saying goes : early bird gets the worm. Thanks for your time❤️

Jurgis TerleckasCommunication entusiast
@Povilas Godliauskas good point!
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Markus Seppam on Books that have influenced my life the mostPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB ads21 days ago
Most of my teenage years I used to be super shy with no self confidence at all. I remember having a mindset: “I will not start a conversation myself and only start speaking when someone asks me something or starts talking with me” I had a terrible fixed mindset and thought I will always be like this. Looking back at what helped me to crawl out of this hole, there were many things, but what layed the foundation was books on self development. I still remember so vividly how I went to the library and borrowed my first book which was called “Self-confidence”. After finishing that one book, I gained a whole new perspective and realized “wow, I can actually learn how to be better at social situations”. Ever since reading that first book, I have been an avid reader, always trying to improve myself on every aspect of life, whether it is social, mental, financial, physical - you name it. There is just so much wisdom in books that can improve your life. So my idea for you - if you have a teenage relative, friend, siblings etc. Gift them a book on personal development - my recommendation: D. Carnegie - “How to win friends and influence people”. Best case scenario is that you may change their life forever, worst case scenario is that they won’t read it :)

Gabrielė Galkutė|Philologist working in techology field| |interested into spirituality|
Love that!!! Thank you for sharing your expierence! ❤️
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All my life, I have been surrounded by stories. When I was little, my mother created her own stories with my toys every night. When I got older, I was very lucky to have fantastic literature teacher who nurtured my love of reading and I read all the books from my school library. Afterwards, I studied theater directing and the most famous and classical stories have been the foundation of all artistic projects I have built. I later studied luxury marketing in France, where I have learned how storytelling is important to create unique and luxurious business models. That’s how I created the story for my own business called Timeless Paintings. In the last 7 years, I have been part of a private Parisian book club and continue to enjoying analysing the best stories. Once I even became a muse for the writer named Joe McMahon as he gave my name to his main character of his second book "The Fourth Stage ». He even asked my permission ! To be honest, my life is like a Big Story. However, the great storytellers know how to move from a realistic version to a higher level to impress their audience. Usually, they apply these 6 rules : https://medium.com/@Brian_G_Peters/6-rules-of-great-storytelling-as-told-by-pixar-fcc6ae225f50
Markus Seppam on Books that have influenced my life the mostPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB ads13 days ago
What are you afraid to do but know you should? Everyone has fears. Some have more than others. I have always had many fears in my life: fear of failure, embarrasing myself, etc... One mindset that has really helped me to face fears is this: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Because, what we fear doing most, is usually what we most need to do! I was terrified of taking a sales job at 19 years old, but I knew that was something that would be most beneficial for me in that moment to grow as a person. I remember my first day at the job. I got only 2-3 hours of sleep the night before because I was so anxious and excited at the same time. And then making that first sales approach - I was afraid, but I still did it and it actually went pretty well. And as they say, the more you face your fears, the easier it gets. So next time you feel fear. Remember: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”
We explore and learn more about the world through books. After reading around 40 books in the last 8 years I found that the books I enjoyed the most had one thing in common - they were in the middle of my interest, a particular need and good timing. 💡 Interest. Do you even care about the topic? Do you get excited whenever you open the book and curious to see what’s next? 💫 Need. Are you addressing a real need, looking for ideas to solve a challenge in your life or unlock an opportunity? 🕰 Timing. When can you benefit from the book? Today? In 1 year? In 5 years? What is your criteria of choosing books?

Lina KvizikevičiūtėDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec
Hmmm... That is a good question! Let's talk not only about self-help or professional books. I assume you write about them mainly. My reasons would be: Genre. Sometimes I want a professional book, sometimes only two novels in a row. Recommendations and reviews. Goodreads is irreplaceable here. Fashion. What do my people read? I want to talk with them about a book, so I read it sooner or later.
Karolis Rimkus on Digital Marketing strategyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency25 days ago
A cookie is a cookie, no matter how many more you have left, right?  Well, apparently not.  Here's where scarcity comes into play 👉 Participants in a consumer preference study were given a chocolate-chip cookie from a jar and asked to taste and rate its quality.  🍪 For half of the raters, the jar contained ten cookies; for the other half, it contained just two. 🍪 When the cookie was one of the only two available, it was rated more favorably than when it was one of ten.  🍪 The cookie in short supply was rated as more desirable to eat in the future, more attractive as a consumer item, and more costly than the identical cookie in abundant supply. So all those "limited edition" and "last one left" products don't just sell better, they also leave the customer more satisfied. Sounds like a win-win.  ❓ How do you feel about applying scarcity in marketing?  

Povilas GodliauskasFounder & Coach @ coach.lt
Speaking in evolutionary terms, the brain 'thinks' that if something is supposedly scarce or rare, therefore, it is valuable and somehow important for survival. I would also add that it's one more tactic to trick people into buying something they do not necessarily need or want. Although I agree with Mangirdas, I am not sure how much morality is in scarcity or related types of marketing.
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Gabija Grušaitė on Creative writing & publishingAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta4 months ago
As a writer, I am often asked for book recommendations. Reading a book is a big commitment and before investing time, we would like to know if this is going to be relevant. To help you out, I will start a series of reading recommendations based not on the plot of the story or unique artistic features of the book, but on the individual situation of the potential reader. Expect fiction recommendations that help to deal with anxiety; wild books for wild times; stories that help to overcome fears.
If you still believe your words are unworthy to share, you are 𝕋𝔼ℝℝ𝕀𝔹𝕃𝕐 wrong... One little phrase can change someone else's mind and here are the books with stories that will encourage you: ◇ 𝓐𝓷𝓭 𝓣𝓱𝓮𝓷 𝓘 𝓜𝓮𝓽 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓰𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓽: 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓣𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓼𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓶𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 Book by Rob White will teach you how to learn from other's around, and the simple truth, - that being yourself is more than enough. My honest review of the book: https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=71537 ◇𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱 𝓸𝓯 𝓟𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸 By Paolo Coelho will empower you to spread the little knowledge you got And ◇ 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓮𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓽 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓵𝔂𝓷 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓻𝓸𝓮 Book by J. Randy Taraborrelli, will open your eyes to how a person with bipolar disorder managed to make the whole world fall in love with her. If she did it, you can do it too!
This week Springer released 65 machine learning books all free of charge. Top of the list is my favourite "Elements of Statistical Learning by Trevor Hastie et al." 💪 Full list here https://towardsdatascience.com/springer-has-released-65-machine-learning-and-data-books-for-free-961f8181f189 Happy learning
Springer has released 65 Machine Learning and Data books for free
Agne Nainyte on Women empowermentDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment11 days ago
Have you ever had a situation where you instinctively felt you knew the answer right away when you were presented with a challenge? While often we are encouraged to think through, Malcolm Gladwell argues in his book "Blink" that this is not always needed. Why? 📌 We are able to do "thin-slicing", which refers to our ability to quickly recognize patterns and situations based on very short pieces of information. 📌 Although we often feel we need more information to make a decision, it is an illusion. While we get a feeling of certainty, we are often more prone to make mistakes. I highly recommend this book where the author combines sociology, psychology, marketing and criminology to explain how our unconscious mind works by using interesting examples. What are your favorite books these days?
Egle Dapkeviciutecreator of geriprojektai.lt l seeker of creativity and deeper understanding3 months ago
FLOW. When you are highly focused in the moment, you can reach flow state. Once you’re in flow, you become a superman. This is the moment when sense of self disappears, time passes strangely, your whole being is involved, and you're using your skills to the utmost. My best school where I’ve learned to control and direct my focus was a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. But there are many other methods to reach this state. Highly recommend to read Steven Kotler books to know more and learn to hack yourself and unleash your potential: >> Stealing fire: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30317415-stealing-fire >> The rise of superman: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18222878-the-rise-of-superman And of course a Joe Rogan podcast to have more fun on the way: https://youtu.be/KNobzrnSRMc
Joe Rogan Experience #873 - Steven Kotler
Gabija Grušaitė on Creative writing & publishingAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta4 months ago
Wild times call for wild books. Since Mr. President has a certain obsession with post office, I thought, it might be a good time to read “Post office” by Bukowski. If the rent is due and you have no idea what to do, this is The Book 📖 It explores the depth of desperation and provides a glimpse of hope that people are able to withstand just about anything. Even a dull and mind-numbing shifts in post office. And still manage to become the world famous writer. Hate your job? 🙄 Bukowski did hate his for sure! But in the end, it was worth it as he succeeded in writing an awesome ode to all the most horrible jobs in the planet. Enjoy with nice stiff drink and let me know what you think 🍺🍷 Please comment 👇👇👇to let me know what kind of books you are looking for or request a Talk in my profile 👌
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