Food & wilderness enthusiast
Vilnius, Lithuania

I love food! Cooking, talking about it and exploring new ingredients.
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Cook Asian lunch with me (with ingredients )
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Laura Vagonėabout 1 year ago
Šaunus susitikimas. Aišku, ko norėta iš šio pusvalandžio su kava, gerai pasiruošta. Tikiuosi, kontaiktai ir idėjos, kuriomis pasidalinau susitikimo metu bus naudingi rengiant vakarėlį. Šiaip buvo lengva ir radom bendrą kalbą.
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Justina Grušaitė on CookingFood & wilderness enthusiastSome time ago
Wild gourmet dinner experience While most of us love relaxing walks in the woods, still many don’t know what are the surrounding plants or other greens.. While on the contrary, Lithuanians are famous for bringing mushroom picking next level, but did you know that now is a prime time to gather all those fresh spring goods? It may seem that foraging is a risky thing if you aren't educated in which plants are edible and which are poisonous, so here’s a link to start with everything about now in season spruce tips and recipes to try
Spruce Tips


Danielius VisockasR&D @ Neurotechnology; Burger geek; Sound processing
This is a gem! Thank you!
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