Certified Life Coach | Kiteboarder | Traveler | Team manager
Vilnius, Lithuania
I invite you to a coaching coversation about life or career topic that matters for you.
Are you craving for changes in your life? Struggle with self confidence? Want to chase your dreams? Improve your relationships? I am a certified ICF coach who can guide you with questions towards more clarity in your life or towards your dream goals.

Personally I am a passionate kitesurfer travelling the world and visiting different kitespots around the globe. Want to learn to kitesurf? Need inspiration? Or advice about spots, gear, etc? I am here for you. I just love extreme sports.

As of my career path, I have been leading different teams in an international company and I love working with people. I keep participating in various training programs and learning new things about human psychology, motivation, personal development and achieving dream goals.
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Coaching conversation
Reviews from humans who have met with Justina
Justinas Albrikas
almost 2 years ago
Patiko jos klausimai apoe kaitavimą
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