Co-founder of Monetha/TEDx speaker/Forbes 30 Under 30
Vilnius, Lithuania
I’m learning every day, but here are some of the things I can already help you with:

- why you should and shouldn't start your own business
- how to make someone laugh, cry or want to kiss you during your public speech (been there-done that)
- do you really want to be an entrepreneur or you're just flexing
- when you should not give a fuck
- when you should give a fuck
- how much will bitcoin be worth in 2 hours
- why I go to the office every single day
- why people will hate you and then love you for being straight edge
- how to be on a pizza diet, workout once a week and still have a 12 pack
- how to propose to your fiancé via giant NYC Times Square screen
- I have visited over 30 countries. I can tell you how to get an awesome seat at a plane
- I know how to get though a presidential security (been there - done that)
- how to get a girlfriend that's a 10 and you are a 3 (been there -done that)
- how to win an argument/negotiation EVERY TIME
- how to hide your double-chin in selfies
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100% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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1 h

Gym session
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30 min

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45 min

1 on 1 with the greatest NBA 2k player ever (me)
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30 min

I’ll give you a ride on my iron stallion
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