Communication entusiast
Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m a productivity freak. Love to save as much time as possible and I teach others about saving time, feeling more energised and etc.

Also, I love to travel. In the past year me and my friend had 6 extraordinary trips around Lithuania.

We paddled in a kayak from Vilnius to Nida in one week.

Slept in a forest a bunch of time and etc.

Would love to chat and learn/teach about marketing,communications, team managment, bussiness development, travelling, self-development and etc!
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Reviews from humans who have met with Jurgis
Povilas Godliauskasabout 2 months ago
Very qoorious and positive person! Had a great conversation about the 5AM podcast, productivity, and philosophy.
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Curious about something?
If you want to learn more about something Jurgis might know, don't hesitate, just ask them to share an insight.
Spontanious trips = quality experience. Couple weeks ago, on tuesday, me and my bestfriend decided to pack our stuff and meet at the bus station in Vilnius. From there, we took the first that arrived to the station, as we later found out - it was heading towards Trakai. We drove for about 50km and decided to jump out in a small village - Onuškis. While hiking around the beautiful forests, I decided to start calling and inviting my friends to camp overnight. After almost 20 calls I gave up. However, about an hour later i posted to my Instagram “hey if you want to have a nice evening in the woods- join us” About 10 minutes later we already have found +5 people to join our trip. From those 5 people I only personaly knew only one. But guess what, 3 hours later, they arrived at Onuškis. We hiked back to the camp, stayed up late swaping stories and singing songs while watching the campfire. It was one of the most calming moments in my life. Would definetely recommend to go and camp in the nature. Lithuania for sure is such a beautiful country!
Why do you even wake up @5AM? Early mornings for me used to be : A. Stressful trips to the airports, while haven’t got enough sleep. B. Going fishing with my dad (these were awesome but still I would wake up all triggered and exhausted.) C. Trips to the hospital. So far you should have already got the point that early mornings for me = no fun. What my early mornings are now? I take my time slowly, because everybody else is still sleeping. I make myself a cup of coffee, cook some light breakfast and listen to some audiobooks or podcasts, depending on the situation. Before I got my knee injured, I also used to jog in the morning.(The views would be even better than in the photo, trust me;)) But why?! As simple as it gets. I hate to rush somewhere, for example: school, work, whatever the case might be. I choose to enjoy my time, because good morning sets a tone for the day. Main pros: A. You feel motivated. It’s an awesome feeling to have already done much more than your friends or other companies. B. You learn much more about discipline. Discipline might be a huge factor in your success. F.e: you won’t be amused by that sweet donut at the coffee shop, might save some extra $ or kilos;) There is a quote by Jocko Willink(ex navy seal) - “ Discipline equals freedom.” C. Productivity level. For some, it might be a huge game changer. Personaly, when I started rising early, it became much easier to finish the tasks in shorter amount of time. However, you should test it and then make conclusions. I just love the idea of testing and learning. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice one week;) When not to get up early? PRIORITISE SLEEP HOURS. Some people need 6 hours, others can’t live without 8. Basicaly, don’t sacrifice your sleep hours, so you can rise early. Hell no. That’s the only situation that I don’t find benefits of waking up early. As the saying goes : early bird gets the worm. Thanks for your time❤️

Jurgis TerleckasCommunication entusiast
@Povilas Godliauskas good point!
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Why paddle from Vilnius to Nida? It took 6 nights to get from Capital of Lithuania to one of the most beautiful parts of Lithuania - Nida. Backstory: Two good buddies are sitting in a party and discussing best trips of all time. Suddenly one of them offers to go kayaking. They both hype up and decide that half a year from now, they will go kayaking. But where? Of course they are too ambitious to go swim in boring lakes. They decide that paddling to Nida would be an awesome idea. Week before the trip: “Haha, are we seriously going to the trip?” “Of course! No more questions.” That’s it. Thats the only single conversation before starting to pack all the gear and making sure all of the documents are checked. Most painful experience: Well. It rained a lot one day. I mean hell of a lot. All of the clothes were soaked, the sleeping bag contained two glasses of cold water which even made it better.:) We had to sleep in soaked hammocks, obviously, it’s not the best idea. From 6 hours of sleep I only remember sleeping 30 minutes. That’s it. It was such a terrifying experience, I swear I thought, that I might get hypothermia. However, we survived the night and continued our journey. Best lesson: Well, hearing about the horrible night you might think that I became grateful for my warm sheets back in Vilnius. Yes, for a fact, I did, but surely that wasn’t the best lesson. While having to sit in the same kayak for a week with my friend, I spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming, which lead me to this conclusion - SOMETIMES you need to shut-up and be quiet. For real. Don’t bother talking and just enjoy the silence. That’s what i still regularly do in Vilnius - between work and sleep I spend some time in quiet. Just thinking and dreaming. However, we all learn different things, so if you want to hear more about my trips - hit me up! Would love to share more stories❤️

Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
Hey Jurgis, sounds like an awesome experience! Maybe you have your route set in google maps or somewhere else and could share it?
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