Personal & Relationship Coach in Radical Honesty, Intimacy & Sexuality
Vilnius, Lithuania
Since 2014 I've been studying with Gestalt and Integral therapists, practicing what's called Radical Honesty (by Dr. Brad Blanton) and leading groups in Honesty, Intimacy and Sexuality in Berlin, Germany.

I practice Tantra Yoga and Conscious Sensuality since 2015 and lead workshops for Conscious Touch, Naked work, HONEST Dating events and other lovie-doie-touchie-relational workshops.

I've started a visionary organization TransformWork which focus is to create spaces for people to experience relating in unknown or forgotten ways, in such creating and exporting a new culture of living, loving and working.

Recently I've started coaching singles and couples and throuples (mono, poly, hetero, homo, queer, open & not identified entanglements) helping in relationship repairs, getting over unfinished business, experiencing forgiveness, letting go of the past and creating future together.

I teach how to live life by telling the truth and create interpersonal connections / businesses as a result of the authentic self.
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