Head of Investment / UK Immigrant / Investment Professional / Motorhead
Vilnius, Lithuania

I am professional that helps people manage their wealth. I have great connections and my clients are able to invest in funds, portfolios or equities with tax friendly environment. In addition, I have great connections in Switzerland, UK and Finland.
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Antanas Bernatonis7 months ago
Julius is great professional in his field! He helped me a lot answering concerning questions about investment and personal portfolio management. His insights and tips gave me a better view on the financial market and one's behaviour in the uncertain times, definitely recommend talking to Julius!
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Julius Poliakas on Investment professionalHead of Investment / UK Immigrant / Investment Professional / MotorheadSome time ago
AstraZeneca (AZN) just received $1 billion from U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and secured an agreement for US to receive 40% of the whole AZN’s year capacity. AZN said some time ago that it will be able to produce 1 billion doses if trials are successful. Interesting that US BARDA funded French pharma giant Sanofi. It seems that will do everything to get most of vaccines at all the costs. But what does it mean for stock price like AZN? AZN price today (21/05) has fell 1,3% in the morning despite news. Is this a good opportunity? Maybe. As of now it is difficult to know which vaccine maker will be the one. One strategy - diversification amongst several most promising. Another - pick one and hope for best.

Julius Poliakas on Investment professionalHead of Investment / UK Immigrant / Investment Professional / MotorheadSome time ago
The world is preparing for the return of ‘normal’ state. Many countries are loosening restrictions. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were amongst first who allowed movement between baltic states. Now, Italy is also planning to for free movement. Nonetheless, Italians will be allowed to travel freely including abroad. Portugal, Spain and Greece also eased measured. It is interesting because investors were optimistic few weeks ago about the possibility of easing restrictions and equities traded higher. Now that we see this in action, investors scramble. It is trully difficult time, hence, diversification is essential at this stage.

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