Coach, Spare Time Photographer, Corporate Social Responsibility Adviser,
London, UK
I have worked in various sectors, had several complementary training courses, I have extensive
experience in communication and negotiation, analytical skills, organization and planning, creativity, teamwork and experience in information technology.

For many years, since my teenage years, I have been doing voluntary work, contributing with a few hours of my time to support, develop and help children and young people in orphanages not to give up their dreams, to invest heavily in academic and professional training.

I currently live in the United Kingdom, London and I am available to be part of a team, company, organisation where I can use all my skills, abilities, experiences and devote more time to what really
has always been my passion, develop people, create solutions that satisfy companies and at the same time the most vulnerable, corporate social responsibility.

My passion
- Strategy & Innovation
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Photography
- Coaching, because I like to interact with people and help them developing their personal
capabilities, interpersonal skills, to improve their own performance.
- Philanthropy to help the most vulnerable, especially children in need in different parts of
Africa. My current project is to register a charity foundation in UK and raise funds to help
children in need.

I am interested in meeting & talking to people to share my experience, exchange ideas, develop new ideas.
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