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Vilnius, Lithuania
Making stuff
Designing apps
Crypting blockchains
Training AIs
Hacking robots
Writing lists
Talk options
Choose how you’d like to meet Jonas and arrange your talk.
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100% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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30 min

🦆 Coffee and World
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45 min

☀️ Breakfast (I’m not a mornings person)
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1 h

🥙 Let’s lunch and geek out about nerdy shit
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4 h

🌳 Walk around Vilnius and discuss humanity
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15 min

📸 Instagram with me #blessed #wokeuplikethis
Reviews from humans who have met with Jonas
Adomas Paltanavičius
over 2 years ago
👍 Jonas came to the meeting properly caffeinated and was nodding encouragingly throughout my monologues. His approving stare left me inspired. Would meet again.
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