Student at Yale University, CEO at Prime Learning
Vilnius, Lithuania
Currently in my third year of university studying Economics and Global Affairs. Also run two startups on the side: (a tech-empowered travel network) and (an education consultancy/tutoring service). Happy to share any tips in applying to university and/or getting your company off the ground, especially when it comes to navigating legal, accounting, regulatory settings in the United States and Lithuania.
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45 min

Let’s talk over Skype (I’m currently in the US)!
Reviews from humans who have met with Jonas
Kamilė Naraitė
almost 2 years ago
Laikas tiesiog praskriejo. Smagu susipažinti su įdomiu žmogumi, išgirsti inovatyvias ir puikias idėjas. Vertinga pažintis. Ačiū už pakvietimą ir malonų pokalbį!
Marius Čiuželis
almost 2 years ago
Jonas is a very nice guy to talk to, am happy to get acquainted with him, hope was able to help him with his investment strategy and/or further career moves.
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