Utilizing Everyday Objects For Art
Vilnius, Lithuania
I use food and a variety of other everyday objects (think: books, soil, vegetables, crumbs & so on) to embody my ideas creating installations, performances and illustrations, most of them being portraits. I'm especially fond of portraying subjects from pop culture and politics, so quite a few of my pieces reflect ongoing topical issues as well as mark certain historical events. Reflecting the pace of an ever-changing modern world, most of my work is transient in nature, as it either gets eaten up or destroyed in the process. It's also as varied as anamorphic food art / perspective installations and even unique event posters / ads.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Jolita
Rūta Prakapaitė
about 2 years ago
Nuostabu yra tai, kad menininkė ir mokslininkė iškomunikavo grynąjį grožį.
Rūta Mrazauskaitė
about 2 years ago
Jolita ne tik labai kūrybiška menininkė, bet ir nepaprastai įdomi pašnekovė. Kartu aplankėme parodą MO muziejuje, pakalbėjom apie viską - parodą, gyvenimą, kūrybą, kaip kūryba tampa verslu ir dar daugybę dalykų. Ačiū už puikų vakarą!
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