Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Entrepreneur. Speaker. Coach. Investor

10 years in the real estate industry & 9 years of operating short term rental business even before we realised that the extra little space that we have could easily make some pocket money or even now a career kickstarter!!

Aside from property investment, I am highly into value investing in stock market. We have our hard earned money and we don't let all of them sit in the banks. Not to talk about inflation, the banks are also doing their own investments to get good return in order to pay us interests!

Stepped into stock market years ago and found that value investing is one of way to achieve financial freedom! Hope that more younger generation started to learn financial planning for themselves!

A casual golfer who belief that golf is more than just a hobby! Human connections and knowledge sharing hub, that's how I describe the range! I love going around the cities and explore their beautiful greens. Guess this is one of the best reason that convince me to go under the big hot sun!

A traveller who believes in living life to the fullest! As I travel, I meet people, learn about their culture, see the differences in many aspects! There is only 24 hours for all of us everyday! Appreciate them, live them!!

Never forget to give back! Help the unfortunates! Go around and pay more attention to the details, there will be always someone out there who needs a little helping hands!

Live life, Share Love!
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