Reviews from humans who have met with Justas Janauskas
Gediminas Vilciauskas
about 4 hours ago
Very well. Good insights! In short it was very helpful!
It was my second meeting with Justas, and this time it was online, and for some reason I have felt more focus and attention in our conversation. Maybe because there was no distractions around us, last time we have met in the cafe. So meeting was very usefull and i got many insights on our product!
Sam Winsbury
about 2 months ago
Was a pleasure speaking about the background of Qoorio and it’s future! Exciting platform.
Milda Savickaite
about 2 months ago
It was great talking to Justas. He has a profound experience which he sincerely shares in a form of advices. Many thanks to him for the invaluable 45+mins!
Valentina Ragno
about 2 months ago
The meeting with Justas has been really helpful, his strategic view in marketing strategy cleared the next steps of my project,
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