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Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

I am co-founder & CEO of Qoorio, the knowledge social network. Share your insights, learn from others, and grow your knowledge.

I am also co-founder & CEO of Vieta, a chat for doers, and Vieta is my primary place for work coordination.

Prior to that I co-founded Vinted. Vinted is a marketplace to sell and buy preloved fashion. Vinted has grown to multiple markets and became the first Lithuanian unicorn.

➡️ More about what you can get here from me: https://www.qoorio.app/o/jjanauskas/i/qhvayf-14k

➡️ Follow me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jjanauskas/
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Sam Winsbury6 days ago
Was a pleasure speaking about the background of Qoorio and it’s future! Exciting platform.
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Our team has invited (link to a profile in comments) as a guest for a video call for our team’s Friday meeting. Anatolijus has 30+ years of experience in business, investment and technologies. Has seen wild 90s in Lithuania and learned many valuable lessons by doing. We all loved Anatolijus’ stories and learnings from his personal experience. It was very insightful and inspirational. Very great success, 5/5 stars! I recommend to all fellow entrepreneurs to listening and learning from him. Photo: piece of art I took a picture of some months ago in Milan.


Justas JanauskasQoorious human
, didn’t do that this time, maybe next time!
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Justas Janauskas on Ask me anything you wantQoorious humanSome time ago
A few days ago I spoke to a friend I haven't seen for a few years. She wants to found a tech company and looks into different categories, like well-being, learning, and food. She wanted me to suggest which category has the biggest opportunity. Each category she looks in, she finds more questions than answers. Also, people from each category say that the category is hard. I said that, of course, it is hard to start and create something new in any category. It is hard because you always have more questions than answers initially, and you need to find those answers somehow. Many answers are possible to find only by trying and failing, not by researching or thinking. And failing is hard, yet necessary for success. There is no self-evident & clear new biggest opportunity in any category. Instead of looking for that, just pick the idea/concept, you believe the most and start doing it without knowing everything in advance. And first thing in doing is to find your first believers who will be your future partners. You can find them easier if you have committed yourself to a specific idea. In that case, speak to people and invite them to join your journey and see what will happen. Good luck with founding your new company! Photo: I made it in Italy a few weeks ago. P.S. This is my first insight posted from Qoorio web (not app).


Andrew Lim Mao TungWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
Ooo, we already can post thru the web, now I know.
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Justas JanauskasQoorious humanSome time ago
Agree or disagree?

Many early-stage founders, impressed by my previous fundraising success, were asking my advice on how to build a deck to replicate my success. I had one piece of advice for them. Don’t build a deck. Build a business.


Riccardo LinaresEntrepreneur
And too many founders build startups that need constantly to fundraise... I personally prefer who bootstraps and fundraise to growth, not to survive :)
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A simple point I noticed many founders miss


Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
Dear Artūras Šlajus, everything on this earth is based on the law of cause and effect. It means that if Qoorio got 2 million they are worth it, they managed to find someone who believe in big thinking. Let me explain you. From my point of view Qoorio has a huge potential, this potential is linked to the human development which is happening now, specifically because of this pandemic and economic movements, the consciousness of human beings is growing because of all these problems, so the great Qoorio team is on the way to prepare the platform for the human beings who for the moment not even know how they are going to change in the next ten years ;)
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