You can train your brain to retain knowledge and insight better by understanding how you learn. Once you understand the keys to learning, everything changes—from the way you ask questions to the way you consume information. People will think you have a superpower. Learning: Learn Faster and Remember More:
Accelerated Learning: Learn Faster and Remember More

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As a CEO, I often have no clue what I am doing, what is my job/role, and where this company is going to. I often think that the company I am building is a total BS 💩. Also, I sometimes feel that we are implementing the most genius idea, and it will turn over the world. And then I have a crystal clear clarity of the future and how we are going to get there 🚀. Then I ask myself if I am slightly bipolar, and googling around that proves true 😭. If you can relate to this, don’t worry, this does not prevent you from building a unicorn 🦄. Surprisingly 🤷‍♂️. #fridaymood #ceoconfession

Sam Altman, CEO @ OpenAI, ex President @ Y Combinator writes about idea generation: “The best ideas are fragile; most people don’t even start talking about them at all because they sound silly. Perhaps most of all, you want to be around people who don’t make you feel stupid for mentioning a bad idea, and who certainly never feel stupid for doing so themselves.” “Finally, a good test for an idea is if you can articulate why most people think it’s a bad idea, but you understand what makes it good.” Read full post here:
Idea Generation

Povilas GodliauskasFounder & Coach @
Well said, Justas Janauskas. Allowing people to act on their ideas and fail requires courage and trust.
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Being a founder & CEO, quality decision making is critical. Bad decisions just cost so much time, money, and nerves, while good decisions move the whole company further. To make good decisions, one needs to have a clear, sharp, calm, and well-rested mind. Taking care of your mind requires effort, like taking care of your body. That’s why my #1 goal of the new year resolution of 2020 was ‘sleep well’. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on the brain, affecting mood and worsening depression, exacerbating pain, and undermining executive functions that affect judgment, planning, organization, concentration, memory, and performance. In other words, the critical functions of a founder. Next to that, hormones influencing weight and growth become imbalanced. Immune dysfunction, leading to an increased susceptibility to illness, and a pro-inflammatory state develop. Sleeping well is a habit that takes time and effort to build. It starts with awareness. Read nine simple tips from a Stanford neurologist for quality sleep here:
A Stanford neurologist’s nine simple tips for quality sleep

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