CEO @ Qoorio
Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania
I am co-founder & CEO of Qoorio, a social learning network. Here we share what we know, learn from each other and grow together.

I am also co-founder & CEO of Vieta, a chat for doers, and Vieta is my primary place for work coordination.

Prior to that I co-founded Vinted. Vinted is a marketplace to sell and buy preloved fashion. Vinted has grown to multiple markets and became the first Lithuanian unicorn.

I have two normal dogs who travelled from Malaysia to Lithuania and loving it here. Check out their instagram @grozis_and_hazelnut, they are more popular than me.
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Remote workers are often more productive, more engaged, less stressed, more satisfied and less likely to quit than their in-office counterparts. Remote workers, to their own detriment, are often more dedicated, working longer hours, and, in essence, “gifting” their time and lives for free back to their companies. Agree or disagree? Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/opinion/Coronavirus-remote-work.html
The Network Effects Bible Another great Wednesday night material I recommend to read to anyone who is creating a marketplace or a network type business. Below are my key take aways from the read. “Network effects have been responsible for 70% of all the value created in technology since 1994 . Founders who deeply understand how they work will be better positioned to build category-defining companies. 1. Why Network Effects Are Important Network effects are mechanisms in a product and business where every new user makes the product/service/experience more valuable to every other user. 2. How Networks Work The critical mass of a network refers to the point at which the value produced by the network exceeds the value of the product itself and of competing products. This can happen at different times depending on the type of a network. Most products with network effects must ultimately reach critical mass in order to fully take advantage of the defensibility provided by their network effects. Before the size of the network reaches critical mass, the product remains quite vulnerable and may not have much value to users. For such products, the challenge is often to build enough initial value to incentivize early adopters to start using the product even before the network effects value has kicked in. 3. Properties of Networks Many network effect businesses require users to create a profile that’s visible to other nodes in the network. Networks with profiles tied to a node’s real identity, like your real personal name or real company name, are typically more effective at building network effects than networks with pseudonymous profiles (e.g. user-generated handles like “Tiger123”). 4. Building and Maintaining Network Effects We don’t suggest building single-player-only businesses. They tend to grow linearly and get dragged down by competition. 5. Related Concepts” Read the full article on NFX blog: https://www.nfx.com/post/network-effects-bible/
The Network Effects Bible

Fatima KhechaiMindset coach & Branding consultant
Just what I needed ! Thank you for sharing!
The plan was to talk about Qoorio, but we ended up having a very intimate and deep conversation ranging from business development to personal growth. What I liked the most about Justas was his ability to trust the process and be vulnerable, which made the exchange even more mutually rewarding.
Deep conversation
It was an immense pleasure to be sharing insights on storytelling. I sincerely hope that my ideas will be instrumental for Justas and Qoorio to move one step closer to its overarching aim. And more people will become open and confident to share and learn from each other. It was great conversation!
A geniune and easy conversation about start-up business, founder’s challenges, capital raising and other important things in life. It is a gift that Lithuania has such an inteligent and down to earth business man who creates a state of art application, which trigers our curiosity!
Very polite
Always good to talk to Justas! Definitely one of the must-follow figures in the knowledge and startup industry. Can’t wait to dive into new & improved Qoorio!
Thank you for the conversation! For me it was really interesting to learn about this platform from the person who's the creator of Qoorio. Thank you for the opportunity to try out the new features and the answers to my questions.
Very polite
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