Visual Effects • Freelance Coach / Individuali Veikla • Co-Founder of URAGA
Vilnius, Lithuania
I know how it feels to be confused on a path of the freelancer, as I became one right after university in 2012. Moreover, after we started Uraga company I have experienced both sides of the table.

Freelancers are artists in their souls - we are insecure and vulnerable as we are exposed to judgement by publicly presenting our work to the world. Therefore we don't see freelancing from a business perspective, which is a crucial part of growth that allows us to negotiate with clients, be paid in advance on time, avoid scope freaks or become a slave on one project for too long.

✓ How to charge your client correctly and more than you are really worth
✓ The ground-breaking points to include in your agreement in order to secure your rights, get paid in advance on time, and sleep tight at night
✓ What to do if your client asks for more or for different changes than it was agreed upon
✓ How to calculate taxes and declare it avoiding any issues with inspection
✓ How the magic of marketing can be applied in order to help you break through even further
✓ And much more

All of that can be learned through correct preparation and knowledge. And that is my goal - to share the correct path of the freelancer. By following the code we can withstand all difficulties and grow further doing the things we love.

To fail is to learn, to learn is to grow.

If you want to learn how to make a spaceship landing on your street by integrating a 3D model into the shot; or make it seem like you are in Sahara desert without physically leaving your apartment; or transform a normal city scene into a zombie apocalypse atmosphere; or create a car explosion and laser blasts from Star Wars - you need VFX.

In technical terms you have to learn such things as: Compositing; Chroma Keying; Rotoscoping; Tracking; Retouching; Projection Mapping; CGI; etc.

If you want to learn more than you can find on my youtube channel - let's talk ;)
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Dovaine Juciute
over 1 year ago
Explained everything in details
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