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Head of International Programmes
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Vilnius, Lithuania
My experience covers 7 years of contribution to youth information work on both national and European levels 🇱🇹🇪🇺 I started as a content manager and editor of the national portal and continued my professional development in European association. During that time, I was responsible for different areas of network activities: the implementation of information and marketing campaigns, coordination of the team, strategic planning, and doing advocacy work among various stakeholders.

🌍 Discover different ways to experience the world!
🌿 Life is too short to suffer at work. Choose the job you would fall in love 💃🏼
✏️ I still love playing games of the words
🗳 I am the youngest elected President of European networks
✨Obsessed with lights and blue 💙
✈️ Just came back from Argentinian adventure
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20% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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